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Sunny Salutations

Sunny in her gardenSun Pixies are mythical creatures of long ago lore,known primarily as pranksters. They were also known to be healers, teachers, and matchmakers. With comical style and whimsical fancy, Sun Pixies share light love and laughter - building a community of harmony and nurturing growth. Pixie made amulets & charms were thought to be especially lucky and brought many forms of love into the holder's life.

Modern Sun Pixies from Dixie are southern raised, downhome, simple folk who belive in generating love and positivity - sharing and nurturing those feelings and actions of love and healing so that others may grow strong or remain strong as well.

Online Services includes:
Tarot Readings & Manifestation Counseling
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Need a Pixie Pal?

We all go through those moments in our lives when we just need someone to talk to confidentially. Whether you or your partner are undergoing a transition or recovery from an epic event, reaching out to another professional is the right thing to do. Keeping a balance and perspective is crucial to solving any of life's problems, big or small.

When changes in our lives present us with changing values, having someone to talk to, in a non-judgmental, accepting, confidential way, can bring us into a deeper understanding of the choices we need to make.
Sunny White, Voice Personality Dr Dixie Darling

For phone & online consultations, I primarily use Verified Call services. The Verified Call platform ensures every professional listed has the credentials and proof of identity needed to backup their expertise. Verified Call is a platform that allows consulting professionals from lawyers to therapists as well as celebrities, entertainers and performers to speak to customers and fans via a secure phone connection.

When you call me via Verified Call, you know you've reached the real Stephannie K White, MA, Voice Personality, Dr Dixie Darling; Tarot & Mystic, Sunny Shores; and my credentials are valid. MA in Human Development & Psychological Counseling with 60+ post graduate cc hours. Appalachian State University, Boone NC, MA completed: 2004



Reflections via Tarot

Easy Tarot for You

Sunny of Sun Pixies from Dixie will be there to guide your path to enlightenment. Tarot Readings by phone are available via Keen. For local Tarot Readings in Thailand, please contact me by email, to arrange a time and location for your reading.

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Call for a reading now
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Intro Rate daily $1.50 per min - no minimums

Tarot Applied

Ink blot theory: Tarot as it is applied in our lives can be a great benefit. The tarot possesses the basic imagery for the 12 archetypes of man's psyche. The 78 cards represent 78 facets of consciousness. When we use the Tarot well, our subconscious mind will be drawn to those images that trigger the archetypes that are influencing our present situation. By using the tarot as a "safe barrier" we can actually draw out insights from the subconscious mind.

Sunny Whyte

Sunny Shores' Tarot Readings

Preparing for a Reading

As we begin the reading, I will create a metaphysical space for us to meet. We will be sitting comfortably cross-legged on a flat granite rock, about 5 ft in diameter. We will be facing one another, with room for the card spread between us. We are surrounded by an ocean, gently lapping at the edges of the rock. In the begining, there will be a fine sea mist enveloping us, yet as the cards are laid bare, the mist will clear and we'll be under a brilliant blue sky with a soft summer sun. As the cards are shuffled and spread, we should both be focusing on the totem you have provided. (optional)
I am a strong empathic connector, yet your openness & willing to connect helps too!

Sun Pixies Postcards

A fun travel hobby that evolved over time from the late 1800's to the present. Taking many forms over time, they began as picture envelopes and the popularity of receiving a brightly colored postal took off and the first 'snail sms' was born. Middle class families with leisure time and savings for vacations, enjoyed sending post cards home to friends and loved ones as keepsakes.

Today, postcards bring smiles all over the world as cheerful images delight surprised eyes. Sunny, the "Banksy of Postcards" rarely signs her name, instead, sending distinctive hand drawn arts & symbols with blessings of love & peace to friends & family world wide. Would you like to be gifted with a free random postcard of peace & love?

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VoiceOvers & Voice Acting,
Professional Spokesperson for Niche Southern Living market. Blended Southern Accent that has a wide range ear appeal.
Professional Studio Recording
$55 per final recording
(20 minutes or less)
All Copyrights included
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Sunny White
451 Soi Tham Wa 2 Moo 5 Ban Moah
Amphur Muang District.
Phetchaburi Thailand 76000

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Sun Pixies Tarot Readings

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Tarot Card Readings & Manifestation Counseling
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Redneck Prank & Gag Videos are a creative way to roast your friends. I'll work with you or create your prank independently and tailor it to your ticklish needs. HD $50 and up. Contact me for a detailed quote. Sample: Created for Morgantown West Virgina Fantasy Football League. (Temp UnAvailable)

Meet Me for Tarot & Tea
Let's meet for a chat over Tarot in Thailand. If you are an English Speaking Tourist or Expatriate, I'd love to meet over a cup of tea & foresee your future. I'm available for local tarot divinations email for an